Using the "Theia IDE" as an End User

The Theia IDE is a modern and open IDE for cloud and desktop. The Theia IDE is based on the Theia platform.

Theia IDE Screenshot

This section is about using the Theia IDE from an end user point of view. Please note that the Theia IDE is based on the Theia Platform, a technology to build tools and IDEs. As an end user, you are not using “Theia”, but always a product based on Theia, in this case the Theia IDE. If you are using another product based on Theia, please consider the specific end user documentation of the product you are using over this section.

The Theia IDE features and usability concept is heavily influences by VS Code. Therefore, for many use cases, we refer to the VS Code documentation. We still provide some selected documentation about use cases which are differing or not supported in VS Code:

Please note that you can also use the Theia IDE as a basis to create your own custom product.

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