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Cloud & Desktop

Not sure whether you need a web or desktop version or both?

With Theia you can develop one IDE and run it in a browser or as a native desktop application from a single source.

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Theia is designed in a modular way to allow extenders and adopters to customize and extend every aspect.

This goes way beyond “just adding extensions”, because Eclipse Theia lets you build fully customized or white-labeled products!

Vendor Neutral Open Source

Vendor Neutral

Theia is truly vendor-neutral and developed by a diverse community. Unlike other “open source” projects, Theia is actually hosted at an Open-Source Foundation, protecting it against single-vendor decisions that are against the interest of the community. Learn more here.

Modern Tech

Modern Tech Stack

Theia is based on a state-of-the-art web-based technology stack. It provides language support via LSP and DAP. Further, it can host VS Code extensions and provides full terminal access.

Supports JavaScript, Java, Python and many more

Built on the Language Server Protocol, Theia benefits from a growing ecosystem of over 60 available language servers, delivering intelligent editing support for all major programming languages.

Integrated Terminal

Theia integrates a full-featured terminal that reconnects on browser reload, keeping the full history.

Flexible Layout

Theia's shell is composed of lightweight modular widgets that provide a solid foundation for draggable dock layouts.