Contribution Filter

The Contribution Filter feature in Theia enables developers to remove specific contributions from a Theia-based application. This capability is typically used to eliminate existing features already present in Theia core, such as specific commands or menu entries.

For a general understanding of contributions and contribution points, please refer to the Services and Contributions documentation.


The Contribution Filter feature provides a way to selectively disable certain contributions within a Theia application. This is handeled by the ContributionFilterRegistry and FilterContributions which allow you to register and apply filters to contributions.

FilterContribution API

The FilterContribution interface allows you to register your contribution filters. These filters will be used by the ContributionFilterRegistry to remove or modify contributions.

  • registerContributionFilters(registry: ContributionFilterRegistry): void

    • Use this method to register your contribution filters with the ContributionFilterRegistry.

Example Usage

Here's an example of how to use the Contribution Filter to remove specific commands from a Theia application. In this example, we will first define some commands and the filter them. If you want to filter some existing contributions, you would of course skip the first step and just provide a FilterContribution.

Step 1: Define Example Commands and implement Command Contributions

First, we define an example command that we want to filter out (more information about commands).

import { Command } from '@theia/core/lib/common';

export namespace SampleFilteredCommand {

    const EXAMPLE_CATEGORY = 'Examples';

    export const TO_BE_FILTERED: Command = {
        id: 'example_command.filtered',
        category: EXAMPLE_CATEGORY,
        label: 'This command should be filtered out'

We register the example command with a command contribution.

import { CommandContribution, CommandRegistry } from '@theia/core/lib/common';
import { injectable } from 'inversify';

export class SampleFilteredCommandContribution implements CommandContribution {

    registerCommands(commands: CommandRegistry): void {
        commands.registerCommand(SampleFilteredCommand.TO_BE_FILTERED, { execute: () => { } });

Step 2: Register Filters

Now, we register the filters to remove specific contributions, in our case the example command we just registered. The filter below is scoped to be only applied to CommandContribution, you can use '*' to filter any type of contribution. In the filter implementation, we additionally check for the specific type SampleFilteredCommandContribution in the example.

import { FilterContribution, ContributionFilterRegistry, CommandContribution } from '@theia/core/lib/common';
import { injectable } from 'inversify';

export class SampleFilterContribution implements FilterContribution {

    registerContributionFilters(registry: ContributionFilterRegistry): void {
        registry.addFilters([CommandContribution], [
            contrib => !(contrib instanceof SampleFilteredCommandContribution)

Step 3: Bind Contributions

Ensure that your contributions are properly bound in the dependency injection container.

import { interfaces } from 'inversify';
import { CommandContribution, bindContribution } from '@theia/core/lib/common';

export function bindSampleFilteredCommandContribution(bind: interfaces.Bind): void {


The Contribution Filter feature in Theia is a powerful tool for developers to manage and customize the contributions in their applications. By leveraging FilterContributions , developers can easily define and apply filters to remove or modify specific contributions, thereby tailoring the functionality of their Theia-based applications to their specific needs.

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