Getting started

In this section, we provide a high level overview on how to get started with Eclipse Theia and link to respective sections to read. Eclipse Theia is a platform for building custom Cloud & Desktop IDEs and tools with modern web technologies. Eclipse Theia is not a tool itself, but there are many tools which are built upon Theia. Theia as a project provides a template tool called Eclipse Blueprint to try Theia and get started with building your own tool. Please have a look at the project goals for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure what Theia is, how it compares to other technologies or how to migrate Eclipse-based tools to it, please have a look at resource section.

Try/Launch Eclipse Theia

You cannot directly launch Theia as it is a platform. You can create and launch products based on Theia. The project provides one example tool called Eclipse Blueprint that you can directly download and use. Further, it is very easy to create your own product based on Theia. Please also refer to this article highlighting the various options available to launch/try Eclipse Theia and Theia-based products.

Build a tool or IDE based on Eclipse Theia

The first step is to define a custom product based on Theia. Please check out the guide on how to build your own IDE or tool based on Theia. Subsequently, you might want to extend this product with your own feature for which you can use the available extension mechanisms of Theia.

Need Help?

Theia is an open community, and we are glad to help you. You can ask questions using our public community forum, you can report bugs and feature requests, and you can get professional support, consulting and implementation services for building products based on Theia.

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